08/Dec/05 Fri Today's English ( beyond description/expression/words )

Good morning all,
In Japan, southern and northern regions except central area
are rainy at the moment and central areas including Tokyo is 
just cloudy this morning but it will be rainy from this afternoon 
according to weather forcast.
Weather is cloudy but it is warm with the daytime
max-temparature of about 18 degrees.
Here is today's english!
unit 204
I went on a trip to rural Iran. The landscape was
beautiful beyond comparision. What made the scenery
second to none were the paddy fields.
( 田舎の美しい風景! )
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> go on a trip to ;  ...に...旅行/出張に行く.
> rural ; 田舎の
> landscape ; (一目に 入る) 景色,風景
> second to none ; 誰/何にも 劣らない
> paddy feild ; = rice field, 水田
ここで beyond comparision の beyondは 前置詞で
..を 超えているの 意味です. よく 使われている 表現が
beyond comparision ; なにとも 比べられないほどで
beyond description/expression/words ; 言葉で 表現できない
beyond expectation ; 期待値を超えているほど
beyond belief ; 信じられないほど
beyond endurance ; 我慢できないほど
beyond beyond one's power ; 力が及ばないほど
beyond one's control ; control 出来ないほど
参考で; second to none;
As a dancer, He is second to none
( = Nobody is a better dancer than he is )
...言葉では 表現できない ほど と 表現したい 場合は 
この表現を 使って みて ください。
(a) A personal pain that goes beyond description
(b) Icy air that was cold beyond belief
(c) Dissatisfaction with the government has grown beyond belief
(d) The situation is beyond our control
(e) The bycycle was beyond repair
Have a great day today!!!
I have had dreams and I have had nightmares,
but I have conquered my nightmares because
of my dreams.
-- In the Chapter 2 of ALL-IN-ONE  --
No challenge, No chance!!!
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