08/Dec/03 Wed Today's English ( do....harm/good/damage )

Good morning all,
It is beautiful sunny this morning and warmer than
yesterday. Daytime high will be about 15 degrees,
which is 4 degrees higher than yesterday here in
Here is today's english!
unit 323
The economist warned, " A partial treatment for the
serious but stable condition would do the economy
more harm than good."
その経済学者は "深刻ではあるが安定している状態に対して、
( current economy condition is serious and unstable! )
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> economist ; 経済学者
> treatment ; 処置
> harm ; (名詞) 害, 損害
> good ; (名詞) 利益、役に立つ
> do....harm/dood/damage ; ..に 害/利益/損害をもたらす
ここで do....more harm than good は do....harm/good
...に 害/利益を もたらす 意味の 慣用表現です。
do a person harm/dood 
do harm/good to 人/物 の形で 使います。 
以下の 例文で この形を 理解してください。.
...に 害になる. 利益になる  と 表したいときは この 表現を
(a) Too much drinking will do you harm
(のみすぎは体に よくない)

(b) The medicine will do you good
(この薬を 服用すれば良くなります)

(c) The hailstorm has done great damage to the crops.
(その雹は 作物に 大きい 被害を もたらした)
Have a great day today!!!
My motto was always to keep swinging.
Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or
having trouble off the field, the only thing to
do was keep swinging. ( baseball player )
-- In the Chapter 6 of ALL-IN-ONE  --
No challenge, No chance!!!
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