08/Dec/18/Thu Today's English ( When in Rome, do as the Romans do )

Good morning all,
Let's start Today with vigor!
What a such a beautiful blue sky this morning!
Today is warmer than yesterday with morning lows of 8
degrees and daytime highs of 16 degrees here in Tokyo.
Here is today's english!
Seq# 44 (unit 391)
He complained, "We have some rigid rules to observe
while on duty. For instance, we are strickly prohibited
from smoking and eating.
( 勤務中 禁煙! )
彼は不満を述べた. 「我々には勤務中に守らねばならない
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> complain ; 不満を言う 
> rigid ; (法律,制度などが) 厳格な
> observe ; (法律,慣例などを) 守る
> while ; (接続詞)....する 間に
> on duty ; (警官,消防士,看護士などが) 勤務中に, <-> off-duty
> for instance ; 例えば = for example
> strictly ; 厳密に
> prohibit .....from Ving...; ...が Vすることを 禁止する
ここで while on duty は 本来 while (we are) on duty で
接続詞 whileの 副詞節で 主語と 動詞が 省略さらたことです.
while/when/whether の 副詞節で 前節(主節)の主語が
同じの場合, 副詞節で主語+動詞が よく 省略されます.
副詞節を 作る 接続詞は; if, unless, until, once, as, though
などが あります。
参考で, " When in Rome, do as the Romans do " で,
本来は " When ( you are ) in Rome, do as the Romans do "
...する時 - when (主語+動詞) 副詞節....
...する間に - while (主語+動詞) 副詞節....
Aであっても Bであっても - whether (主語+動詞) 副詞節... 
(a) When (you are) in Rome, do as the Romans do
(b) The youth of today, whether (they are) at home or abroad,
are utterly indifferent to politics.
Have a great day today!!!
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