08/Dec/16/Tue Today's English ( I hope not.....)

Good morning all,
Let's start Tuesday with vigor!
it is perfectly blue and clean sky this morning here
in Tokyo. it is still cold with morning lows of 3.6 degrees
and daytime highs will be about 11 degrees, which is 2
degrees higher than yesterday.
Here is today's english!
Seq# 42 (unit 387)
"If the recession drags on, Wages will be frozen or
lowered." " I hope not. Wage earners and salaried
workers alike already find it hard to make ends meet."
( 今の 不況が 早く 回復されるよう! I really hope! )
このまま不況が長引けば, 賃金は 凍結されるか, 引き下げ
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> recession ; 不況, 不景気 
> drag on ; ずるずると長引く
> wage ; ( 特に肉体労働者
) 賃金
> freeze ; 凍結する
> lower ; ..を下げる
> A and B alike ; Aも Bも 同様に
> find it....to 動詞 ; ...することが ...と 思う
> make (both) ends meet ; 家計の収支を合わせる
ここで I hope not は I hope (that) wages will not be frozen
or lowered で、 not 以外の 前 文章との 共通要素を 省略 したこと
です。このように 後ろ 文章で 否定の not が 来る時, 前 文章との
共通部分を 省略して 簡単に not で 表す動詞は 主に 次の三つ です。
hope that 節
suppose that 節
be afraid that 節 
参考で, I suppose that...は ...だと 思うの 意味.
そうじゃないことを 願う - hope not
じゃないと 思う - suppose not
残念ながら じゃないと 思う - be afraid not
(a) " It does not often happen", " No, I suppose not "
( I suppose that it does not often happen )
(b) " Do you think he is coming?", " I'm afraid not."
( I an afraid that he is not coming )
Have a great day today!!!
" life is either a daring advanture or nothing at all. "
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