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It is cloudless and clean sky and bright sunshine this
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Here is today's english!
Seq# 39 (unit 213)
The thesis covered all phases of the glories and
triumphs of civilization and omitted a less prominent
factor, i.e. the psychology of the masses.
( 文明の 栄光と 勝利! )
その 論文は 文明の 栄光と 功績の あらゆる局面を 取り上げ、
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> thesis ; 論文, 学位論文
> glory ; 栄光, 栄華, 繁栄
> triumph ; 際立った成功, 功績
> civilization ; 文明
> omit ; (わざと) 省略する, 抜かす
> prominent ; 目だった, 顕著だ
> psychology ; 心理、心理学
> the masses ; 大衆, 庶民
ここで i.e. は すなわち, の意味で 名詞と 名詞の間で すなわち,
という 同格を 表し, latin語で  " id est " です.
that is, that is to say と 同じ意味で, i.e. は 学術的, 専門的
文章で 用い, 一般的には " that is " を 使います. 
i.e. ; 学術的, 専門的な 文書で
that is ; 一般的に
すなわち と 表現したい 場合は,
i.e. = that is ( to say ) を 使って ください.
(a) inflation, that is, a general rise in the prices of goods and services.
(b) He will leave Korea in five days, that is (to say), next Saturday.
(c) The basic essentials of life, i.e. housing, food and water.
(d) He is a local government administrator, that is, a civil servant.
Have a great day today!!!
Patriotism is your conviction that this country is
superior to all other countries because you were
born in it.
-- In the Chapter 11 of ALL-IN-ONE  --
No challenge, No chance!!!
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