08/Dec/15/Mon Today's English ( deficit, surplus )

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Let's start Monday with vigor!
it is clear sky but so cold this morning. weather farecast
said it is coldest day since this winter season got started.
it is about 3.9 degrees this morning and daytime highs will
be about 9 degrees here in Tokyo.
Here is today's english!
Seq# 41 (unit 386)
An estimate submitted by a think tank indicated that
by 2002 the budget deficit would amount to 430 trillion
yen and the trade surplus 130 billion dollars.
( 貿易赤字, 貿易黒字, 1兆, 10憶 という 単語! )
ある シンクタンクが提出した 推計では 2002年までに、予算赤字
430兆円 なり、貿易黒字は 1300憶 ドルに達する
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> estimate ; 見積もり, 推定額 
> think tank ; シンクタンク
> deficit ; 赤字,
> amount to ; 総計(金額が).....に なる
> trillion ; 1兆
> surplus ; 黒字
> billion ; 10憶
ここで budget deficit  は 予算赤字, trade surplus
貿易黒字, trillion は 1兆, billionは 10憶, 1憶は 100 million,
1 millionは 100万.
参考で, the trade surplus 130 billion dollars では
本来は the trade surplus ( would amount to ) 130 billion
dollars. で 前の文書との 共通要素, つまり would amount to
deficit ; 赤字
surplus ; 黒字
trillion ; 1兆
billion ; 10憶
赤字, 黒字 と 表現したい場合 deficit, surplus を 使って ください。
(a) The trade balance has been in deficit for the past five years.
(b) There is a deficit of $3 million in the total needed to complete the project.
(c) The trade surplus of $400 million
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