08/Nov/5 Wed Today's English ( in....ing, on....ing )

Good morning all,
It is really getting cold here in Japan. Be careful not to catch a cold!
Here is today's english!
unit 311
It is absolutely vital to reconcile freedom with basic
discipline in raising your child. If you indulge him
too much, you will spoil him.
( 礼儀正しい 子供に! )
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> reconcile A with B ; Aを Bと 調和させる
> indulge ; (人)を甘やかす
> spoil ; 。。をだめにする
ここで in ...ing..... は  ...において, ....する時  の 意味です。 
参考で on....ing...  沢山使いますが, これは ....すると同時に,
の 意味なので、区別して使ってください.
日本語で, ....において  言いたい時は in...ing쓰시고,
....すると同時に と 言いたい時は up(on)....ing を 使ってみて
a. In writing my report, I got so lots of valuable adivces from him. 
( reportを書くのにおいて、彼から貴重なadviceをもらった )
b. On hearing the result, she heaved a sigh of relief.
( 結果を聞くと同時に, 彼女は安堵のため息をついた )
Have a nice day today with a smile !!!
Character cannot be developed in ease and
quiet. Only through experiences of trial and
suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision
cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.
-- at the end of chapter19 of ALL-IN-ONE
No challenge, No chance!!!
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