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Good morning all,
It is sunny but a bit cloudy morning and according to weather forecast,
there will be rain from this evening. it is about 10 degree this morning
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Here is today's english!
unit 414
Despite the fact that the enemy was twice as powerful
as we were, our brave troops, determined to defend
our homeland, refused to surrender or retreat.
( 本当に 勇敢な 軍隊ですね! )
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> despite ; ..にもかかわらず( = in spite of )
> brave ; 勇敢な
> determine ; ..を決定する
> refused to 動詞 ; ...することを拒否する
> surrender ; 降伏する
> retreat ; 退却する
ここで twice as power full as we were  twice as..... as
二倍 の 倍数表現です. 1倍, 2倍, 3倍 の倍数を
表す時は 等級の( 1倍 ) を 表す as......as 前に half, twice
( two times ), three times を 置いて 表現します。
He is as tall as I am (1倍 - 私の 背を同じ)
He is half as tall as I am ( 半分 )
He is twice as tall as I am (2倍)
He is three times as tall as I am (3倍)
参考1: as......as で前の as は 副詞, 後ろの asは 接続詞です。
 後ろのasが 接続詞ですから、 as 後に "主語 動詞" の 節が
後ろのasが 前置詞であれば、 名詞が 来ます。
参考2: 2倍, 3倍の 倍数を 比較級 thanで 表すことも出来ます。
twice taller than I am, three times taller than I am。。。
半分, 2倍, 3倍などの 倍数 を表したいの時は
half/twice/three times as .....as...或いは
half/twice/three times。。。 thanを使ってみてください。
(a) This planet is half as large as the Earth
(a) This planer is half larger than the Earth
( この惑星は 地球の 半分の大きさだ)
(b) This country is twice(two times) as large as that
(b) This country is twice(two times) larger than that
( この 国は あの 国の 2倍の 大きさだ )
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If you want happiness for a year, inherita fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.
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