08/Nov/27 Thu Today's English ( 年・背・体重が 2倍 3倍 )

Good morning all,
It is dark cloudy and about 10 degres this morning
here in Tokyo. According to weather forecast, it is rainy
in Seoul today.
Here is today's english!
unit 418
My mother was inclined to approve of my younger
sister's marriage to a man twice her age, while my
stubborn father would not consent to it.
( 年差が 2倍の人との 結婚?  )
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> be inclinded to ; ...する傾向がある
> approve of ; ..を 認める
> stubborn ; 堅固な
> consent to..; ....に 同意する
ここで twice her age は 彼女 年より 2倍差 を 表す倍数の表現です。
年, 背, 体重などを 表す age, height,weight単語 前に 倍数な 分数を
置いて 表す 表現です.
age, height, weight, length, size, length, number, amount, rate
だけに 使う表現です。
以下の 例文を みて ください。
年, 背, 体重 の 倍数を 表したいの 時は
倍数/分数 + 人称代名詞 + age/height/weight などの 表現を
(a) He is twice my age
(= He is twice older than me )
( = He is twice as old as me )
(b) They have sold five times the number of cars they predicted
(c) My little brother is half my height
(d) India is one-third the size of the United States.
Have a nice day today with a smile !!!
I want each day of my life to see me take
one step forward 
-- In the Chapter 4 of ALL-IN-ONE  --
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