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Here is today's english!
unit 20
The visitors were due to arrive at the airport in less than
two hours, but their plane was delayed due to a suspected
bomb in the baggage compartment.
( このような 経験は しないように!)
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> less than ;..未満, in less than ( = within )... 以内に
> suspect ; (..ではないか)と 疑う. suspected 疑いのある。。 
> baggage ; (米) 旅行手荷物, 荷物; (英) luggage
> compartment ; (飛行機, 電車 の) 客室, 部屋
ここで were due to arrive の due は ... 予定の 意味の
形容詞 です.
一方、 注意することは delayed due to a suspected bomb
の due to + 名詞 は ...が原因、理由で 意味の 熟語です.
日本語で ...予定の due...と ...が原因で due to に ついて 少し
詳しく 説明します.

1. be due + 時間、 日 ;
(events 開催, お金支払い, 電車/飛行機/観光客 到着) 予定の
a. due date ; 満期日, 支払い日
b. When is the baby due? ( 子供 出産 予定は? )
c. The bill is due on the 25th ( 請求書は 25日が 支払い日 )
d. The last train was due in 20 minutes ( 終電が 20分後に 到着予定)
e. The next train is due in 5 minutes ( 次の 電車は 5分後に 到着予定)
f. The train is due at 7:30 pm. ( 電車は 午後 7時30分に 到着予定 )
g. My essay is due next Friday ( 私の essayは 来週 金曜日 予定 )
h. The band's first album is due for release later this month.
( この band albumは 今月末に 出版 予定 )
2. be due to + 動詞 ; ...する 予定である
a. The visitors are due to arrrive at the airport in 10 minutes.
b. He is due to come here tonight
3. due to + 名詞 ; ...が原因、理由で ( = because of )
a. The accident was due to his careless
b. The team's success was largely due to his efforts
c. Most of the problems were due to human error.
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