08/Nov/14 Fri Today's English ( lose weight, gain weight )

Good morning all,
It is such a nice and clear skies this morning here in Tokyo.
Here is today's english!
unit 128
This is what I did to lose weight. First, I took up
swimming, and second, I avoided eating between
meals, and lastly, I cut down on high-calorie foods.
( ダイエット, この 三つの方法で やって十分かも! )
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> First..., second..., lastly.... ; 一番目に,二番目に、最後に
> take ...up ; ( 趣味,活動,仕事 )を 始める
> eat between meals ; 間食を食べる
> cut down on ; ...量(回数)を減らす
ここで lose weight は 体重を 減らす の 意味です。
参考で, gain[put on] weight  体重が 増える の 意味です。
日本語で " 体重を 減らす ", " 体重が 増える"と 言いたい時は, 
lose weight, gain[put on] weight を 使ってみて ください。 
a. I took up aerobics to lose weight.  
(体重を 減らすために、エアロビクスを 始めた)
b. She is trying to lose weight 
c. He has gained[put on]weight since he gave up smoking
( タバコを やめた後から 彼は 体重が 増えた )
Have a nice day today with a smile !!!
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