08/Nov/13 Thu Today's English ( at least..., at most....)

Good morning all,
It was about a week before the weather became sunny.
it is warmer than yesterday with the temparatue of 15 degrees
and it is so nice weather this morning here in Tokyo,
Here is today's english!
unit 63
" How much does it cost to have a flat tire repaired?"
"As far as I can remember, it costs at least 10 pounds.
You might want to fix it yourself."
( パンク 修理 自分でやりますか?)
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> have  ; (使役動詞) ここでは ( 業者にやらせて) パンクを 修理する
> flat tire ; パンクタイヤ. ( punk )とは いわない
> fix ; = repair, = mend 修理する
> as far as ; ....する限りでは
ここで at least 는 少なくとも , 意味の 副詞です。 
逆に, at most は 最大でも, せいぜい, の 意味の 副詞です.
日本語で " 少なくとも ", " 最大でも "と 言いたい時は, 
at least, at mostを 使ってみて ください。
a. a monthly income of at least $1,000  (少なくとも $1000 の 月収入)
b. It will take at least 1 year (少なくとも 1年は かかる)
c. There were 50 people there, at most.
(そこには 人が せいぜい 50人 いった)
Have a nice day today with a smile !!!
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all"
-- at the end of chapter12 of ALL-IN-ONE
No challenge, No chance!!!
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