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Seq 136 ( unit 9  to不定詞 ) : lesson 22 ; 'to不定詞 形容詞用法' part 5です! 

1.Today's English
1. 'to不定詞形容詞用法で', to不定詞が 直前の名詞に内容を説明する文章pattern理解する
She decides to become an actress -> Her decision to become an actress
決心? = '俳優になる決心' / decision = to become an actress
He attempts to solve a problem -> His attepmpt to solve a problem
試図? = '問題を解決するようとする試図' / attempt = to solve a problem
説明 ; 'to不定詞の形容詞用法'で, 'to不定詞'が 修飾する 直前の名詞の
具体的な内容を説明する場合です. この場合は 'to不定詞' と '名詞' の 関係が
このように 同格を表す場合の特徴は, 名詞が 'to不定詞を目的語にする他動詞'の
'名詞'だということです. 例えば,
(他動詞) decide to do... -> (他動詞 decideの名詞) decision to do
(他動詞) attempt to do... -> (他動詞 attemptの名詞) attempt to do
(他動詞) promise to do...-> (他動詞 promiseの名詞) promise to
(他動詞) desite to do...  -> (他動詞 desireの名詞) desire to to
(他動詞) plan to do....    -> (他動詞 planの名詞) plan to do
(他動詞) need to do...    -> (他動詞 needの名詞) need to do
(他動詞) fail to do...        -> (他動詞 failの名詞) failure to do
(形容詞) able to do... -> (形容詞 ableの名詞) ability to do....
2. この文章のpatternを理解すると会話力が2倍に!
英語勉強する決心 -> his decision to study English
英語勉強する試図  -> his attempt to study English
英語勉強したい欲望 -> his desire to study English
英語勉強する計画  -> his plan to study English
英語勉強する必要性 -> his need to study English
英語勉強の失敗 -> failure to study English
He is able to speak English -> his ability to speak English
{ 例文 }
1. She has a desire to succeed as an opera singer / 名詞 desire
2. We were surprised at her decision to become an actress / 名詞 decision
3. Whales have the ability to communicate with each other / ableの名詞 ability
= Whales are able to communicate with each other.
4. another attepmt work out a peaceful solution to the regional warfare.
5. She broke her promise to meet me at Ueno station
6. Calm down, There is no need to shout.
7. The president has announed his decision to raise taxes.
8. failure to promise. 約束不実行
9. The system has the ability to run more than one program at the same time.
( 明日からは 'to不定詞の副詞用法勉強 )

3. 'to不定詞を目的語にする他動詞' 反復練習 : 今日は 'attempt'
attempt + 目的語 ; (他動詞) ...を 試図する,
attempt to do ; (他動詞) ...することを試図する
[ attempt + 目的語... ]
1. attempt a difficult task.
2. The prisoners attempted an escape, but failed
[ attempt to do...  ;  ]
1. attempt to solve a problem.
2. He attempted to deceive me.
3. He attempted to climb an unconquered peak.
4. Do not attempt to repair this yourself.
5. I will attempt to answer all your questions.
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Making love out of nothing at all - sung by Air supply 
無から 愛という有を 作り出す あなた (11/14)
But I'm never gonna make it without you
Do you really want to see me crawl?
and I'm never gonna make it like you do
making love out of nothing at all
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Year 2009 - Opportunity is no (w) here

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