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Good morning all,
2009 - Year of Hope
First of all, Happy New Year and let's start this year 2009 with hope
and I want to help you make steady progress in English study this year
through this daily Today's English!
This morning it is sunny and blue sky here in Tokyo
with the morning lows of 6.7 degrees and daytime highs
of 10 degrees.
Here is Today's English
Seq 51 ( unit 1 ):Lesson 1 英単語の品詞
1. Ann is a good singer. She is an excellent dancer too.
2. Most basketball players are very tall.
(Annはうたがうまい。踊りも すごく上手です)
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> excellent ; (形) すぐれた、すばらしい
> most ; (形) 大半の, (副) (形容詞,福祉,動詞を修飾して) 一番、最も
             She is the most beautiful girl in our class.
> too ; (副) (肯定文に 用い) ...も ( = also )
           = She is also an excellent dancer.
合理的に 英語を 勉強するために品詞の知識が不可欠です。
英語の 品詞は; 名詞,代名詞,動詞,形容詞,福祉,前置詞,接続詞 で 区別
英語の 語順と 役割は; 主語,述語(動詞),補語 などで 区別
名詞 - 事物,人の 名前
[固有名詞] Ann, Tokyo, Spain ; 固有名詞の 頭文字は 大文字で
[抽象名詞] advice, information, hope, love ; 具体的な形がない抽象的な概念
[物質名詞] bread, coffee, beer, ice ; 一定の区きりや形がない物質の名詞
[普通名詞] singer, dancer,baseball player ; 普通名詞には a,an,theの 冠詞が 付く
[代名詞] She, I, You, He
動詞 - 主語の動作, 状態を表す
[Be 動詞] is, am, are
[一般動詞] go, make, have etc....
形容詞 - 名詞を 修飾 ; a,an,the, good, excellent ; a, an, theを 特に,冠詞を呼ぶ
副詞- 動詞,形容詞,副詞,文章などを 修飾 ; too, very
注意; a, an, the 冠詞も 名詞の前で名詞を 修飾する 形容詞です.
(次の 例文の 品詞 区別してみて ください)
(a) Lucy is a very careful driver (固有名詞,be動詞,冠詞,副詞,形容詞,一般名詞)
(b) She swims in the pool (代名詞,一般動詞,前置詞,冠詞,名詞)
(c) I like dogs (代名詞,一般動詞,一般名詞)
(d) Jim gave me the book (固有名詞,一般動詞,代名詞,冠詞,一般名詞)
Have a great day today!
How to survive in this Global Financial crisis situations?
Preparation is the Key!
--- in the article of "Hope in the Hard Times" ---  
2009 -> No challenge, No chance & No hope!
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