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Good morning all,
TGIF(Thanks God It's Friday)!
How many hours will you study english during the weekend?
Heavy rains at the southern areas of Japan have been moved up to Tokyo area
through the night and it will be rainy all day long today and tomorrow here in Tokyo.
This morning, a bit windy but it is 10 degrees due to abnormally warm air and it will
be about 11 degrees during the daytime here in Tokyo.
According to TV news, it will be sunny today with 0/7 (morning/daytime) in Seoul Korea.
Here is Today's English
Seq 70 ( unit 4 ) : lesson 15 ( 代名詞で使われる 数量形容詞, every, noは除く)
[ every,no 以外の全ての 数量形容詞は 代名詞として よく 使われます ]
[ Many students.....たくさんの 学生達.....;では 名詞 studentsを 修飾する 形容詞]
[ Many of our students....学生達の 多くの人.....; では 代名詞 ]
[ Many of A.... の 形で よく 使われる]
[ 今まで 勉強した 数量形容詞は 次の形態で 文章で 代名詞として よく 使われます ]
many of A..... ; many of them ( 彼たちの中で多くの人は....)
much of A.....  ; much of the water (  その水の 多くの量は.... )
some of A..... ; some of them ( 彼たちの 一部人は...)( 肯定文 )
any of A......   ; any of them ( 彼たちの 一部人は...) (否定,疑問文)
few of A.....   ; few of them ( 彼たちの 少数人は....ある )
a few of A..... ; a few of them ( 彼たちの 少数人は... ない)
little of A......  ; little of the water ( その水の 少量は.... ある )
a little of A..... ; a little of the water ( その水の 少量は.....ない )
all of A......     ; all of them  ( 彼たちの ずべては... )
each of A....   ; each of them ( かれたちの それぞれは... ) (単数扱いを覚える)
both of A.....   ; both of them ( それ中の 二つともに... )
either of A....  ; either of them ( それ中の どちらか... ) (単数扱いを覚える)
neither of A..... ; neither of ( 二つの中 どちらも...ない )
None of A......  ; none of them ( それたちの どれも ...ない) ( noの名詞は, none)
[ Many of A....; で 名詞 Aには必ず the,所有格,these, thoseなどと 一緒に用いて名詞を 限定させなければならない,Aが 代名詞時は 我々(us), あなた達(you), 彼たち(them)の 複数を表す
目的格 代名詞を使います]
( most of them  ..の 大部分は...most 代名詞 ;  many of them との 差異は以下で 説明 ) 
most of A.....
- most of them ( 彼たちで 大部分は...) ( mostは 加算名詞でも)
- most of the water ( その水の 大部分は....) (most は 不可算名詞との 使う)
では, 今までの説明を 以下の例文で 確認しましょう!
[ many/some/any/a few/few of A.... ]
1. I know many of them.
2. I know some of them.
3. I do not know any of them.
4. Many of us(you, them) are still young.
5. Many of these(those) are not good enough.
6. Many of the students (these boys) are good swimmers.
7. Let's get some more of them.
[ Much of A.....]
8. Much of the water in this tank is frozen.
9. Much of it (this,that) depends on your efforts.
10. Much of the time (that money, our energy) was wasted.
11. I am sorry I have taken up so much of your time.
[ either of A...., neither of A....]
12. Frank has been invited to two parties next week, but he will not go to either of them.
13. You can have either of these.
14. Neither of them seems happy with his performance. (二人ともに彼の演技に満足しない)
[ each of A..., Both of A..., All of A.....]
15. Each of the pictures on the four walls was painted by a different artist.(単数扱い)
16. All of the pictures...............were ............ (複数扱い)
17. Both of the pictures ...........were ............. (複数扱い)
18. I do not know both of them...(それの中で, 二つともに 知って意いる事ではない)(部分否定)
[ none of A....]
19. I know none of them ( 彼たちの中、たれも しらない )
20. None of them can speak english (彼たちの中、誰も 英語 話せない)
21. (X) Every of the pictures.... ( every は 代名詞 用法なし)
[ most of them.....]
22. Most of them can speak english. (彼たちの大分文は 英語を話せる)
23. Many of them can speak english. ( 彼たちの多くは英語を話せる)
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> frozen ; (形) 凍っている。。,冷凍の。。.
> effort ; (名) efforts 努力
> waste ; (動) 浪費する
> performance ; (名) 演技, 演技力
> paint ; (動) 絵を描く
今日はeveryを除いて全ての 数量形容詞が 代名詞として使われることを 勉強します.  
1. ( many, some, few of A ...)など  ...of A...の 形態で よく 使います. 
上の例文で 十分確認できましたよね!
2. ...of A....で 名詞 Aに ついて かっきり理解しましょう!
( X ) Many of students.... で 使えない.
( X ) Much of water....で使えない.
- our/these students... など, 我々の(our), 彼たち(these)などを 用い 限定させます.
- the water ..... the を 用い "その水" と 限定させなければなりません.
3. each of A.., either of A..., neither of A.... は 単数扱いするとこと 覚えましょう。
例文15番と 下の 例文でも 確認してください.
4. every は 代名詞用法なし.
5. no の 代名詞は、 none.
6. most of them と many of themの 差異は? 
- Most of our students know French
(我々学生の 大部分は french語を 知っている; 知らない人はほとんどない)
- Many of our students know French 
( 我々学生の多くの人は french語を 知っている; 一方, 多くの数は知らないかも!)

many は かだ "多くの数" を表している, " 大部分 "の意味 ではない事を 理解しよう.
" 鞄が 二つあり、一つ借りてもいい", "でも, 二つも 大きさが 足りない"
" その問題の 大部分/一部/少数/ を 解決しました"  と 言いたい時は?
( 二つのどちらも。。。ない ...neither of them.... )
( most of..., some of..., a few of the problems を 使ってみて ください )
(a) " There are two bags, you can borrow the one", "but neither of them is big enough"
(b) I have solved most (some, a few) of the problems.
Have a nice weekends!
" Change! This is what we need at the moment "
--- Barack Obama, the 44th America president ---  
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