'If I had missed it, I would have had to take a taxi home ' - 12/23( 水)

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" You are never given a dream without also being given
the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however."
第1部 : 今日の英語一語
The last train was due in 20 minutes and I made it
to the station just in time to catch it. If I had missed it,
I would have had to take a taxi home.
due ; (形) ...起こる (行われる,支払われる, 到着する、生まれる) 予定で.
   due date (満期日、支払い日), When is the baby due?
make it ; (口語的) 目的地に到着する, ..を達成する. ...に成功する
in time ; ..(..するのに)間に合って、.
catch ; (動) ..に(間に合って)乗る
miss ; (動) (バス, 電車, 飛行機など)に乗り遅れる.
No challenge, No chance!!
第2部 : もっと詳しい説明
Seq 299 ( unit 15 仮定法 ) : lesson 8 < 仮定法過去 , 過去完了 実際例文 >
1. 英語で If  の仮定法 2つ;
仮定法過去 : If he were here right now, he would help us.--> (今, 現在の事実は異なることを仮定)
仮定法過去完了 : If he had been here yesterday, he would have helped us.   --> (昨日, 過去事実と異なることを仮定)
2. 仮定法過去 実際例文
" If I were you, I would make better use of it, " Betty
suggested. Amy reacted with rage, " Mind your own
business. It has nothing to do with you."
" 私が (現在) あなたなら, それをもっとうまくそれを活用するけどなあ," Betty
がほのめかした. Amyはかっとなって. " 大きなお世話よ。あなたには関係ないでしょ
If I were you, I would do... ; 私があなたなら, ...するけれど, (間接的助言)
make use of .... ; ...を活用(利用)する. 例文では better が useを修飾している
suggest ; (動) ..をほのめかす, ...を 提案する
react ; (動) 反応する
mind ; (動) ..をいやがる, ..に気をつける注意する,, (名) 心,
mind your own business ; = It is none of your business. .
It has nothing [ little, something, a lot] to do with ;
 ..と関係 (殆どない, すこし関係ある, 大いに関係がある)
   単純に..と関係ある = S have to do with という
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