what to choose -> what I should choose

Good morning all,
" You are never given a dream without also being given
the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however."
朝に時間がないため、今週の Today's English from Tokyo は 過去のものを
Dear all,
I have to attend an external training from today and till this Friday
and the training center is a bit far from my home and I have no
enough time to write 'Today's English from Tokyo' in the morning,
so let me re-send the previous version to you for this week!
Seq 291 : 2009/Nov/2nd 号 再送
"運命を切りひらくために "
峠から峠に移る旅路かな - いつ聞いたのか、どこで読んだのか、
--- 松下電器設立者 松下幸之助の << 道をひらく >> の中で ---
You have a good day today!
第2部 : もっと勉強したい方のため
Seq 261 ( unit 14 名詞節 ) : lesson 12 < 疑問詞 + to不定詞 = 名詞句 > 例文!
1. ' 疑問詞 + to不定詞 = 名詞句' は 日本語で ' するべきか, できるか'に訳されます!.
 以下の例文で, 意味上の主語の一致と、意味上 should, can/couldになることを確認しましょう.
1. Please tell me where to meet you.
   -> Please tell me where I should meet you.
2. The plumber told me how to fix the leak in the sink.
   -> The plumber told me how I could fix the leak in the sink.
3. Jim found two shirts he liked, but he had trouble deciding which one to buy.
    -> Jim found two shirts he liked, but he had trouble deciding which one he should buy.
4. He told me when to come.
   -> He told me when I should come.
5. I've done everything I can think of to help Andy get his life straightened out.
   I don't know what else to do.
  -> I don't know what else I should do.
説明> 疑問詞 ( when, where, how, who, whom, whose, what, which ) と whether はこのように 
'疑問詞 + to不定詞' , 'whether + to不定詞' で '名詞句'で使われる時, 意味上
should, can/could になります.
when to start this  -> when I should start this
what to choose    -> what I should choose 
how to fix it           ->  How I can fix it
whether to go or to stay home -> whether I should go or I should stay home
{ 皆さん, 日本語でも 'いつするべきか, なにをたべるか' と should, could にやくされますよね!! }
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