'If he had been there yesterday, he would have helped us.' - 12/21( 月)

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" You are never given a dream without also being given
the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however."
第1部 : 今日の英語一語
If you had told me about the problem yesterday, I would have helped you.
(説明) '仮定法 過去完了' とは, '昨日, おとといなど, '過去の事実とは異なる
ことを仮定して話してみていることを表すために, 動詞をわざと過去形より
もっと過去を表す (過去完了)にして表すことをいいます.
[ 仮定法過去完了の文章 ]
' If + 主語 + 動詞の過去完了, S + would/could/might + have + 過去分詞 '
If he had been there yesterday, he would have helped us. 
No challenge, No chance!!
第2部 : もっと詳しい説明
Seq 297 ( unit 15 仮定法 ) : lesson 6 < '昨日, もし ..だったら.'の気持ちを表す仮定法過去完了 >
1. 英語で If の仮定法 2つ;
1) 仮定法過去 : '今, 現在はそうではないが...' を表すために, わざと動詞を過去形にして表す表現.
2) 仮定法過去完了 : '過去(昨日, おととい)にそうではなかったが, もし..'を表すために, 動詞をわざと
2. '仮定法 過去完了' とは?
話し手が, ' 過去(,昨日など)の事実とは異なる状況を仮定して話してみる'のを表すために、
, わざと動詞を過去形より、もっと過去を表す 過去完了にして表す表現です.
 '仮定法 過去完了' は, 過去の時点を表すということに注意しましょう.
[仮定法 過去完了の文章]
' If + 主語 + 動詞の過去完了, S + would/could/might + have + 過去分詞 '
では, 次の文書がなざ, If の'仮定法過去完了'か みてください!
(1) (yesterday) If I had left ten minutes earlier, I would not have missed the train.
  (実は)= I did not leave ten minutes earlier, so I missed the train.
(2) (yesterday) If the climber had not found her, she would have died.
  (実は)= She did not die because the climber found her.
(3) If I had had enough time, I would have writen to my parents yesterday.
 (実は) = I did not writen to my parents yesterday because I did not have enough time.
(4) If you had told me about the problem, I would have helped you.
 (実は) = You did not tell me about the problem so I could not help you.
Have a good day today!
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