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Good morning all,
" You are never given a dream without also being given
the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however."
朝に時間がないため、今週の Today's English from Tokyo は 過去のものを
Dear all,
I have to attend an external training from today and till this Friday
and the training center is a bit far from my home and I have no
enough time to write 'Today's English from Tokyo' in the morning,
so let re-send the previous version to you for this week!
Seq 290 : 2009/Nov/2nd 号 再送
"運命を切りひらくために "
--- 松下電器設立者 松下幸之助の << 道をひらく >> の中で ---
You have a good day today!
第2部 : もっと勉強したい方のため
Seq 260 ( unit 14 名詞節 ) : lesson 11 < 疑問詞 + to不定詞 = 名詞句(間接疑問文 >
1. ' 疑問詞 + to不定詞 = 名詞句' は日本語にもある表現であることをまず、理解しましょう!.
(私が) やるかやらないか -> whether to do or not to do       -> I have not decided whether to do or not to do 
(私が) 行くかいかないか -> whether to go or not to go       -> I have not decided whether to go or not to go
(私は) いつやるか -> when to do                                   -> I don't know when to do
(私は) いつ行くか -> when to go                                   -> I don't know when to go
(私は) なにをやるか -> what to do                                 -> I don't know what to do
(私は) なにを食べるか -> waht to eat                             -> I don't know what to eat
(私は) どこにいくか -> where to go                               -> I don't know where to go
(私は) どこで彼女を会うか -> where to meet                        -> Please tell me where to meet her
(私は) どのようにこれをやるか -> how to do                    -> Please tell me how to do this
(私は) どのようにいくか -> how to go                             -> Please tell me how to go there
説明> 疑問詞 ( when, where, how, who, whom, whose, what, which ) と whether はこのように  
'疑問詞 + to不定詞' , 'whether + to不定詞' で '名詞句'になり 他動詞の目的語でよく使われます.
to不定詞 表現で 必ず 理解してべきことは '意味上の主語'で, 上の表現は '文章の主語が to不定詞
意味上の主語と一致する時にがけ使う表現です. などで,
I don't know what I should do       / 文章の主語 '',  後ろに文章の主語も '' で一致,
 => I don't know what to do             / to不定詞の意味上の主語は I ( 私 )
I don't know what you should do        / 文章の主語は '私', 後ろに文章の主語は 'あなた'で不一致,
 (x)  そのまま 疑問詞せつで表現する.
Pam can't decide whether she should go or stay home     / Pam = she
 => Pam can't decide whether to go or (to) stay home.         / to不定詞の意味上の主語はshe
Pam can't decide whether her daughter should go or stay home   / Pam、 her daughter 不一致
 (x) そのまま疑問詞節で表現する
{ 皆さん, 日本語でも ' いつやるか, なにをたべるか' など'疑問詞 + to不定詞'を名詞句で他動詞も
目的語として使っています! }
< 追加例文 >
Please tell me how I can get to the bus station.
 = Please tell me how to get to the bus station.
Jim told us where we could find it.
 = Jim told us where to find it.
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