08/Oct/31 Fr Today's English ( instead of..., instead )

Good morning all,
It is really getting cold here in Japan. Be careful not to catch a cold!
Here is today's english!
unit 28
" To stay fit, I ride my bike to and from work. What do
you do to keep healthy?" " Nothing in particular,
but I use stairs instead of elevators."
( エレベーター 代わりに 階段利用! やってみてください! )
ここで instead of..... は  instead of + 人/状況 で
....(人) 代わりに, .... (物/状況)....代わりに の意味を表す
副詞 です.  ....of を 省略して instead 人 単語で使う場合も 多いが,
意味は その 代わりに に なります. ...of 名詞 がなくても 何の代わり
明確にわかる 場合に 省略することです.
日本語で, ....代わりに, その代わりに  と 言いたい時は,
instead of..., instead を使ってみてください。
a. Lee was ill so I went instead ( Leeが病気で私がその代わりに言った )
b. Lee was ill so I went instead ( of him ) ( Leeが病気で 私が Lee代わりに 行った )
c. We just had soup instead of a full meal ( 食事代わりに soupだけ たべた )
d. Now I can wark to work instead of going by car 
 ( いまは車で出勤する代わりに歩いて出勤することが出来ます )
Have a nice day today with a smile !!!
Patriotism is your conviction that this country is
superior to all other countries because you were
born in it.
-- at the end of chapter11 of ALL-IN-ONE
No challenge, No chance!!!
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