' He is just such a teacher as we all admire' の as ? - 10/15( 木)

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第1部 : 今日の推薦英語一語 (大きい声で!)
(a) This is the same jacket.
(b) It was worn by the actor in the movie.
 -> This is the same jacket as was worn by the actor in the movie. ( which 代わりに as を使う )
(a) He is just such a teacher.
(b) We all admire him.
 -> He is just such a teacher as we all admire. ( who 代わりに as を使う )
説明> 2つの文章を一つにする時使う 関係代名詞 which、 who は,  先行詞が the same, suchと 
一緒にある場合は which, who 代わりに as を 使います. それで, この場合の as は 関係代名詞
詳しいは 第2部を参考してください.
"運命を切りひらくために "
--- 松下電器設立者 松下幸之助の << 道をひらく >> の中で ---
You have a good day today!
第2部 : もっと勉強したい方のため
Seq 248 ( unit 13 関係代名詞 as ) : lesson 18 < which, who 代わりに as >
1. as が 関係代名詞として 使う場合は?
関係代名詞 which, who が the same, such などと一緒に使う場合は as に代わります.
次の例文で, 2つ文章を 1文章にする時, which, who 代わりに as を使います.
(a) This is the same watch.
(b) I lost it.
 -> This is the same watch as I lost.    ( the same と一緒に使う場合は which 代わりに as )
(a) You should read only such books.
(b) You can understand it easily.
 -> You should read only such books as you can understand easily. ( such と一緒に使う場合は which 代わりに as )
(a) I want to paint such pictures.
(b) I see it in the museums.
 -> I want to paint such pictures as I see in the museums. ( which 代わりに as を使う )
説明> このように, 先行詞が the same, such と一緒にある場合は, 関係代名詞 which, who 代わりに
as を使います. この場合の as は 関係代名詞といいます.
She wears the same kind of clothes as her sister wears. ( which 代わりに as )
Such men as heard him praised him. ( who 代わりに as )
I have never heard such stories as he tells. ( which 代わりに as )
This is the same watch as I lost ( 同じ種類  )
This is the same watch that I lost ( その同じもの )
[ 皆さん, 関係代名詞 which, who 代わりに使う as は関係代名詞です ! ]
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