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Good morning all,
************* Let's think about! **************
           どのように準備していますか 未来を!
****** Are you ready for the world outside? *******
" 汗と涙なしには 人生の奇跡の花も咲きません! "
It is sunny day today with 7/11(morning/daytime) here in Tokyo.
It is a bit cloudy day today with 4.7/13(morning/daytime) in Seoul.
[ 美しく やさしい Pop Songで, 上手な 英語会話を! ]
- Always - , sung by Atlantic Starr

( いつまでも ) (1/4 )
( sung by boy friend )
Girl you are to me
All that a woman should be
And I dedicate my life to you, always
( sung by girl friend )
A love like yours is rare
It must have been sent from up above
And I know you will stay this way, for always.
Here is Today's English
Seq 106 ( unit 8 重要副詞 ) : lesson 13 ; 程度の副詞 almost ( ほとんど ...) ( 2/2 )
[ 今日は " ほとんど..."  程度を 表す 副詞 almost  の part 2 です ]
[  次の 3つを 勉強しましょう ]
1. Almost all ( ほとんど すべての..) = most ( 大部分の....)
2. almost never [ no..., nothing, nobody, nowhere ] ; ほとんど....ではない
3. almost は not とは使わず , hardly [ scarcely...] で 表現する
Point 1 : 日本語で "ほとんど 全ての " を 英語で almost all....で 表現しますが,
これは " 大部分の...." の 意味である 形容詞 most でも 表現 可能です.
1. ほとんど すべての ( almost all...) = 大部分の ( most....)
Almost all Japanese = Most Japanese
例1; Almost all Japanese like to eat rice = Most Japanese like to eat rice
参考1; この場合の most は 形容詞で "大部分の...." の 意味です.
参考2; almost all..., most... ; 後ろに 複数 名詞が 来て, 複数扱いです.
Point 2 : Almost all of the..... と most of the.... の 表現も よく 使います.
この場合は 代名詞的に 使う場合です, 例えば,
most students は " 大部分の 学生 ", mostが 形容詞として 使われた場合です,
most of the students は " 学生の 大部分 " で mostが 代名詞で 使われた場合です.
2. Almost all of the Japanese = Most of the Japanese
例2; Almost all of the Japanese like to eat rice = Most of the Japanese like to eat rice.
参考1 ; all of A, most of A...の 表現で A には いつも theをつけて 特定, 限定なことを 表します.
参考2 ; all of A, most of A...の 表現で Aが 複数 目的 人称代名詞 (you, them) なら, もちろん
the は いらない. 
Point 3 : almost never [ no...., nothing, nobody, nowhere ] ; ほとんど..... ない
almost never [ no..., nothing, nobody, nowhere ].
例3; It almost never rains here.
Point 4 : almost は not とは 一緒に使わない, hardly..., scarcely で 表現する
例4; He was hardly [ scarcely ] ready.
[ 皆さん, 日本語で," ほとんど 全ての..." は 英語で Almost all....で 形容詞 用法で 表現します,
" ほとんど すべてが " は 英語で " Almost all of the......" で 代名詞 用法で 表現します, これは
" most....(大部分の....)", "most of the ....(....の 大部分)" で 表現 可能なことを 覚えましょう]
[ それと, almost never, almost nothing....などの 表現も 覚えて ください ]
[ では, 以下の 例文で 以上の Pointを 確認してください ]
{ 例文 }
[ almost  all...= most...  ]
1. Almost all Japanese have a TV 
= Most Japanese have a TV
2. Almost all students like sports
= Most students like sports.
3. He has lost almost all chanches given to him.
= He has lost most chanches given to him.
[ almost all of the..... = most of the....]

4. I like almost all of them.
= I like most of them.
5. Almost all of the students missed the train.
= Most of the students missed the train.
[ almost never [ no..., nothing, nobody, nowhere ]  ]
6. There is almost no water in this bottle.
7. It almost never rain here.
8. Almost no one believed him.
= hardly anyone believed him.
[ almost は notとは 使わない, hardly, scarcely.... で" ほとんど ....ない " を 表す ]
9. He was hardly [ scarcely ] ready.
10. He knows hardly [ scarcely ] anything about it.

[ 明日は hardly, scarcely, rarely, seldom に ついて 勉強します ]
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> dedicare ; (動) (時間などを) あげる
> miss ; (動) (機会,電車など) 遅れる
日本語で;  " 彼は その仕事を ほとんど  終わらせた " を英語では?
1. He did almost all of the work.
= He did most of the work.
Have a good day today!
You are never given a dream without also being given the power
to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.
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Year 2009 -  No challenge, No chance
Year 2009 -  No pain, No gain
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