09/Mar/24/Tue Today's English ( 程度の副詞 too ; too ....for X to do )

Good morning all,
************* Let's think about! **************
           どのように準備していますか 現在を!
           どのように準備していますか 未来を!
****** Are you ready for the world outside? *******
" 汗と涙なしには 人生の奇跡の花も 咲きません! "
It is sunny day today with 7.4/12(morning/daytime) here in Tokyo.
It is sunny day today with -2/6(morning/daytime) in Seoul.
[ 美しく やさしい Pop Song英語で, 上手な 英語会話を! ]
- The power of love - , sung by Celine Dion

(愛の力) (3/4 )
Even though there may be times it seems I'm far away,
never wonder where I am because I am always by your side.
Because I am your lady and you are my man,
Whenever you reach for me I will do all that I can
Here is Today's English
Seq 104 ( unit 8 重要副詞 ) : lesson 11 ; 程度の副詞 too ( too.....for....)
[ 重要副詞の中で too は 程度を 表します;あまりにも、度と超えて ]
[ 今日は 副詞 too の too.....for X to do.... を勉強しましょう ]
- too.....for
- too ....for do
- too.....for X to do..... ( X = 意味上の主語 )

( too.....for の形で; 訳する方法は 2つ;

1. ...するには あまりにも ...する
2. あまりにも....して ...することができない

1. The light is too dim for reading.
- 読書するには  lightが あまりにも 暗い
- lightが あまりにも 暗くて 読書できない
2. You are too young to work.
( = You are so young that you should not work ) ( so....that.... 程度を表す表現 )
( = You are so young that you cannot work )
3. It was too windy for children to go out.
 ( for children to go out....; for ...意味上の主語 )
[ 皆さん, 日本語で," あまりも...して...できない " は 英語で " too .....to...." 用法を 使うと 学校でなんども
勉強しましたよね. この時の tooは 程度を 表す 副詞です ] 
[ too....for, too.....to do, too.....for X to do.... で よく 使います ]
It is too .... for X to do.... (意味上の主語 Xに 人称代名詞が 来る時は 目的格が きます)
例; It is too difficult for me to solve this problem ( for が 前置詞なので, 人称代名詞 目的格 me )
{ 例文 }
[ too .....for...; ]
1. It is too much cold for swimming.
- スイミンするには あまりにも 寒い
- あまりにも 寒くて スイミン できない
2. It was too hot for comfort indoors. 
3. It is too hot a day for work.
4. This is too good for you. ( = This is too good for you to deserve に訳可能)
5. This problem is too difficult for him. ( = This problem is too difficult for him to solve )
[ too.....to do....; to do..の 主語は 文章の 主語を 同じ]

6. The report is too good to be true.
7. She is too wise not to see that.
8. He was too much frightened to speak.
9. He is too young to go on his own.
10. You are too young to work.
= You are so young that you cannot work. ( to work の意味上の主語は youであることが 分かる)
11. We have made too much effort to solve this problem.
参考; too much frightened ように 過去分詞には too muchが くることが 原則だが,
tired ように 形容詞化したもの 前では tooが 直接くる
[ too ...for X to do.... ; X は to不定詞 意味上の主語 ]
- 文章の主語と to不定詞の 主語は 異なる時に, for X で 別の主語を置くこと
- ただ, X が one, us ように 一般の人を 指す場合や, 特定な人でも 文脈を みて
明らかな場合は 省略するのが 普通.
12. The rent of this apartment is too high for me to pay.( 目的格 人称代名詞 me )
13. This stone is too heavy ( for me ) to lift. ( for me 省略しても 意味通じる )
14. It was too windy to go out.
= It was so windy that one could not go out. ( one ; 一般の人を表す )
15. This stonfiltered= This stone is so heavy that I cannot lift it.
16. The problem is too difficult to solve = This problem is so difficult that one [we] cannot solve it.
1. 程度を 表す so ...that.. 表現に 変えてみると to do..の 意味上の主語 把握可能,
2. 文章の主語が to do... の 主語の役割か, 目的語役割かか 把握可能
[ 明日は 程度の 副詞 almost に ついて 勉強しましょう ]
Words,Phrases & Patterns
> dim ; (形) 暗い,
> deserve ; (動) ...する価値はある, ...する 資格が ある
> frightened ; (形) frightenの過去分詞
> make an effort = make efforts ; 努力する
> lift ; (動) あげる
" これは あまりにも 良い 機会なので 失うことはできない " を 英語ですると?
" この 質問は あまりにも 難しくて 私が いますぐ 答えることは できない " を 英語ですると?
1. This is too good an opportunity to lose.
2. This question is too difficult for me to answer at once.
Have a good day today!
You are never given a dream without also being given the power
to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.
--- in a book  ---
Year 2009 -  No challenge, No chance
Year 2009 -  No pain, No gain
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